A Message from Pastor Tim Zerger

If you are moving into the Havre area and looking for a church, I'd like to invite you to Community Alliance Church. We are a friendly community church open to people from different denominational backgrounds.

Our desire is to serve the community of Havre by building healthy families through the teaching of the Bible and providing a culture of acceptance. We want our church to be a place of healing for those wounded by life and a place of growth for those seeking direction.

As part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance we have a strong interest in reaching those who have never accepted Jesus as their Savior. We also support mission work around the world and annually host missionaries to share what God is doing in faraway places.

We are Christ centered in our teaching. By keeping Jesus central to our mission we keep a balance in our teaching and how we extend ourselves to others. We endeavor to partner with other Christian churches in Havre to bring about good things in the community that we could not do on our own.

We are a growing church with a youthful style and a love for children and teens. We are always looking for creative ways to make our ministry more effective in ministering to those who come through our doors.

If you are moving to the area, come and check us out. If you've been in Havre for a while we invite you to be part of this growing church. No mater what, we wish many blessings on you and joy in the Holy Spirit.

If you'd like to know more about the Christian and Missionary Alliance check out our "About Us" page or go to RMDCMA.com